Ideas shape the course of history

The world is governed by ideas. To make the case even more extreme, let me quote JM Keynes: “Ideas shape the course of history.”Keynes is certainly right; without ideas we wouldn’t be able to move anywhere. Many people around us are often full of “good” business ideas. It feels like that everybody has that “great idea” for an app or a platform that could be…

What is the address of the Internet?

Today the Internet is omni-present. The unprecedented exponential growth of the “networks of networks” is the result of a vision of limitless connectivity originating from a small group of technology enthusiasts in California combined with a system of ingeniously simple communication protocols. What is the Internet? — Four Subsystems:Interconnection and TrafficData travels through the communication links of telecom operators and internet service providers. The traffic…

“What Is The Mentoring Process?”

Mentoring is known as an important and irreplaceable way to help people within companies rock! But, how did this happen? Believe it or not, the root of mentoring comes from Greek mythology: Odysseus, going to the Trojan War, asked his good friend to take care of his son Telemachus, to teach him and develop him as the boy grew up. That friend’s name was Mentor….