Need a Mentor?

If the answer is yes, you are probably in the best possible place. We provide the one-on-one cooperation with some of the leading experts from a large variety of industries.

So, what actually is ’’mentoring’’?

Mentoring is a very responsible process of sharing knowledge, skills and life experience with other people, helping them grow and reach their goals and full potential.

It’s a journey of shared discovery, during which both mentor and mentee evolve together. Working with a mentor is so more than a teacher-student or consultant-client relationship. It has a long-term effect because it represents more than a plain learning process. The one-on-one approach that focuses on all of the mentees known interests, but also the discovery of hidden talents and possibilities, is a unique experience and a serious responsibility that only the ultimate professionals can provide. The mentor leaves the process with a new experience of his own, as an upgraded person.

Is mentor just a story-teller?

Mentoring is much more than ‘advising’ or just sharing an experience, when the one is applicable. It’s about motivating and empowering the mentee to determine their own issues, goals and action steps, and help them find ways of reaching them. Today, mentee does that with a help of a professional mentor – tomorrow, solely on their own.

Mentoring is a process that contains and combines a variety of contemporary developing methods – coaching, teaching, consulting, networking and many others. In this process mentor has an impact on the mentee’s professional and emotional development process. One of the biggest pleasures of a mentorship relationship is the chance to share hard-gained experience that could be priceless to others who are on the same path, especially if they are only beginners.

What does mentorship look like?

Mentorship process begins with establishing a relationship directed towards gaining the needed experience and knowledge. But, the road does not end there –  it continues with its maintenance. The mentor’s role in that relation is to keep the balance between three most valuable procedures: support, challenging and vision making. When the process is over, mentee is able to apply all of those, feeling confident and empowered.

How We Do it?



you in the search for the mentor that perfectly matches your needs.



the meeting with the chosen one, online or offline, as you feel comfortable.



the process, from the beginning to its completion with commitment to a high level.

Step 1:

Visit the Profile page, search the wide catalogue of our mentors, catch up with their profiles and choose the one that inspires you, according to your needs and interests

Step 2:

After you find the mentor that you would feel great working with, fill in the application form with all necessary information. Focus on your development needs and desired mentoring outcome. We will contact you ASAP with all the necessary information and details.

Step 3:

Your mentoring process can start, so does your personal or professional development.

Good to know:

If you are willing to have a mentor and work on upgrading yourself, but still not sure who will be your “perfect match”, feel free to contact us. With our long-term experience and a large list of contacts, we will do our best to find you the perfect mentor from our portfolio. Even then, if no one seems just right, we will help you explore some possibilities outside of our catalogue.