Need a Speaker?

Want to organise an awesome conference with charismatic, successful and inspirational speakers? Maybe a teambuilding, training or a seminar for your employees? An event for your peers and colleagues? We are here to make it happen just the way you’ve imagined it.

Choose a professional speaker and enjoy the room full of people having an ultimate experience.

Professional Speakers

Speakers are the people who necessarily have something to say, but also know the best way to do it. Their job is to inspire, motivate and call to action, no matter who is listening. It’s more than just the accomplished results and best practice from the industry.

It’s more than a lecture. Their responsibility is to create a two-way street atmosphere and make sure every person from the audience leaves with a sense of accomplishment. Provide the audience a chance to cooperate with the most distinguished experts around the world and achieve the best outcome for their interests.

Where can I find the right speaker?

If you need a professional, inspirational and experienced speaker, keynoter, a moderator or a host, you are at the right place. Just browse our Speaker catalogue, choose among a large number of professionals filtering the desired categories and topics. Save your time and resources and eliminate overthinking about the details because we are here to provide you the support every step of the way.

What if we want someone who is not in your Speaker catalogue?

That’s great! We are looking forward to getting in touch with new inspiring people on your behalf. Just let us know who that person is and we will do the rest – find their contact, check their availability, negotiate the terms, and bring him/her to you.

What can speakers be hired for?

You can hire our speakers for various kinds of speeches and keynotes at conferences, team buildings, panel moderation or discussions, as a host of an event, a trainer or a mentor. If you have any other requirements, contact us and we will try to meet all your needs the way that suits you and your business.

How We Do It?


Search through the catalogue of speakers on our platform and send us an inquiry about the one (ore ones) that caught your attention.


We will contact you and help you build a plan and program that matches all of yours, and your company’s needs.


You can just relax and enjoy a great speech, we will take care of the boring details.

Step 1:

Take a look at our speakers portfolios and let us know if anyone seems like the right person for your event. Together, we will discuss your project in detail and make sure to  provide the best outcome for your audience’s interests.

Step 2:

With our long-term experience in working with speakers, we are more than welcome to present you with the best possible shortlist of speakers suited for your event. All the necessary information and details will be shared transparently with you, in order to make this process as much relieved as it can be.
If you already know who you are looking for for your event, the process is even faster – we can skip directly to step 3 – the organisation part.

Step 3:

Once you select the right speaker, you can relax and leave the rest of the organization to us! If you feel like it, we can arrange for you to connect with the speaker directly in order to tailor the presentation for your audience, or you can leave it to their expertise and experience.

If necessary, our service also includes transportation and accommodation organisation.

Good to know

Before hiring a speaker from a certain field, make sure you’ve done a thorough preparation about your audience latest interests. Giving them a chance to learn something new, inspiring and uplifting is more valuable than repeating the stuff they’ve heard on 10 other occasions. Even if the topic is mandatory, there are plenty of ways to spice it up. Once again, if you need our help in coming up with a theme, subject and the right person – feel free to reach us!