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Mihailo Jankovic

CEO at MK Group

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Owner of the incredible “bird-eye view” skill that allows him to easily decomplex and simplify challenges.
Versed in engaging both sides of his brain in problem solving.
Sports and travel enthusiast with high level of emotional intelligence.





What others say

“I have known Mihailo for a long time and in different roles/companies. Mihailo is one of a very few individuals who demonstrate both human and leadership qualities in everything he does. He has very strong personal integrity and his way of thinking and acting (“walk the talk” not only on paper) is the right example of how a real leader should behave.

Most recently he was our external consultant in the project “People Plan” to which I was assigned in Heineken Serbia. The project was about delivering strategic overview of the organizational strategy and business goals, and defining the way to support it by strong organization, processes and people. He grasped the business and the challenges very quickly, understood the team dynamic and was able, through defined methodologies, to shape the project in a way that was globally recognized.

He was also identified as an executive coach to one of the management team members in order to support his smooth transition to the next leadership passage. The approach, the knowledge, dedication and persistence shown from his side was excepted warmly, and mentee was able to progress further thanks to professional support that he received from Mihailo.

It is very easy to work with Mihailo if you know what you want. He is organized, always available and open to suggestions and comments. He brings the additional value by challenging the processes/decisions and standard way of thinking. He is bringing the knowledge from other industries and Serbian market dynamics. I can warmly recommend Mihailo to other companies whether as a consultant or a full time employee.”

– Dragana Davidovic / HR Director Europe at Heineken

“I have been working with Mihailo Jankovic from February 2010th till November 2013th in a business environment that needed a turnaround, a strong push to reverse the negative performance trend. In a complex and demanding environment Mihailo was a change agent who constantly demonstrated strategic approach and built competitive platform for further sustainable development of the business. He was able to restructure the team, mobilize its strengths and align it around long term vision. He easily recognized business opportunities and turned them into success stories which enabled company to achieve top line growth.

Mihailo is a strong leader who spread clear vision, enthusiasm and positive energy that assured high level of engagement and commitment across the organization. He was always nursed out of the box thinking, constantly searching and exploring business opportunities in order to improve performance and raise the bar for himself and his team. Mihailo is ‘’walk the talk’’ leader who leads by his own example and easily builds trust through his words and actions. Mihailo’s strength is capability to recognize talents inside the organization and unlock their potential. He always ensured that right people were set on the right places giving them enough support and motivation but also freedom to enable them to grow.

Among many, I am proud to be the one of the professionals he had recognized, coached, empowered and developed into senior managers. Even though he is very demanding, he is a person and it was an immense pleasure to work with him. Despite the workload and demanding agenda he was always approachable and had a sense of recognizing his team’s problems, both professionally and privately, and acting as a strong support to them. I was privileged to work with Mihailo and the above-mentioned four-year period was priceless in terms of my professional development. Having a chance to be the part of his winning team made me a better professional, but a better person as well.”

– Milan Bukumirovic / Managing Director Business Services UK, Ireland & Nordics at Swarowski

Short Bio

Mihailo is our rock star when it comes to leading businesses through business turnarounds, strategic transformations and organizational restructuring that enable sustainable business growth.

The best way to describe him is to say that he was born to be a leader and a game-changer, which he exactly is today. Thanks to his vast experience, entrepreneurial nature and a quite proven track record, today he is a seasoned CEO of Nectar Group – the best corporate brand in Serbia.

This incredible guy obtained his valuable experience by working for leading multinationals as well as companies owned by private equity funds and private regional companies – British American Tobacco, The Coca-Cola Company, Knjaz Milos a.d. and Nectar Group.

Mihailo is a true business professional who had always climbed the hierarchy ladder of many companies quite fast thanks to his skills, knowledge and flexibility.  Those were a variety of predominantly FMCG companies, from small start-ups and incubation companies to large iconic companies in need of a major turnaround. He also served as a board member of professional business associations and non-profit organizations in Serbia.

Another proof of the words above are the words of people who worked with him: “Mihailo is ‘’walk the talk’’ leader who leads by his own example and easily builds trust through his words and actions.”

Aside from fulfilling all the official duties, this inspiring leader puts lots of emphasis on people development by supporting and enabling them to reach their full potential and developing new generations of leaders. It is safe to say that he rocks in this field, which also suggests the award – The Sample Of Leadership Excellence received by the Serbian Association of Managers.

All of his competencies, profound experience, top-notch people skills along with great patience and emotional intelligence make him an outstanding mentor who was born for that role.

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CEO at Nectar Group
Partner at Impact Consulting doo
CEO/Chairman of the Board of Directors at Knjaz Milos a.d.
Member of the Management Board/General Assembly at Sekopak
Market Manager for Serbia, Montenegro & Albania at The Coca-Cola Company
Commercial Manager for SEE North (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia) at British American Tobacco

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