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Milan Petrovic

Founder & CEO

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Milan is one of the most successful businessmen in the Southeast Europe whose days consists of operating businesses, business consulting, mentoring sessions and trainings.

He is a cross-functional experienced expert, who draws inspiration from positive people and impossible challenges and this is what brings smile to his face every day. ?



What others say

“Milan has qualities that are rarely found on the market today. He is a true leader who knows how to send positive vibes, motivate people and achieve results beyond all expectations.

A Master of life and business!”

– Dusan Kaljevic /General Manager and Board Member at OOO Filippo Berio RU –

“My great privilege to recommend Milan is based on following facts, evidence and benefits :

A/ PROACTIVE: From the very first time we met each another denied that problems exist. For him everything problems are simply an opportunity. We’ve had two managers whose assessments indicated certain skills problem and he insisted that each of them has a training and fair chance to develop themselves in order to become better performers. On top of that, he took personal responsibility  for training and coaching them.

B/ Person who sees the BIG PICTURE: At the beginning of each meeting we held Milan expressed his vision  which he would like for us to achieve. He always knew in which direction he would like to lead his company and colleagues.

C/ WIN-WIN PERSON: Milan’s attitude is always in a line with readiness to achieve better results for both sides rather than to care about his interests only. His ability to see things from another person’s point of view was more than obvious when he made a project regarding Coffee machines, where both sides, the manufacturer and consumer were had their expectations fulfilled.

D/ person of SINERGY: Milan always underlines the necessity to understand that all departments in a company are one entity. He says that the ballace sheet and EBIDA are the same for the whole company so each department has to contribute to them and be aware of each other’s impact. In his present job he has been trying to convince and make people understand that  human relationships are more important than professional roles and that other sectors, such as logistics, warehousing, HR and others are as important as marketing, sales and finance. For me it is a true priviledge to know, work and learn from a great leader such as Milan.”

– Miroslav Živković / Partner &Training Director at Methodes d.o.o. –


Short Bio

If you would love to have a chance to talk to and learn from one of the most successful businessmen in Southeast Europe, an incredible mentor and a senior manager with 25+ years of track record within start-up, turnaround, strategic business planning, development and business redesign sectors, we have the right man for you.

Milan’s inspiring career started in 1995 and since then it skyrocketed fast thanks to his vast experience in several industries – food and beverage, retail, sales and distribution, business consulting and public sector advisory, in markets of Serbia, Western Balkan region, Switzerland and the Central and Eastern Europe.

Aside from his practical experience, Milan possess some incredible people skills which were crowned with Dale Carnegie Coach (Coaching and Mentoring) and Culture Transformation Tools Trainer certifications, as well as the title of the Vice President of European Management Association (EMA) and a double mandate as the President of Serbian Association of Managers.

During his diverse career this incredible guy had the opportunity to learn from great leaders, and to use his leadership and managerial skills along with knowledge, to successfully guide his teams that varied in size from 5 to astonishing 4300 people, towards great success.

In January 2014, Milan began his private career as an entrepreneur and partner to several companies operating in the automotive and software industries, representing companies from Europe (CoTW, DEKRA Automotive) and the USA (Demand Solutions). He is also a trainer and mentor to several companies operating in the consumer goods industry.

  • Owner and CEO of “Fleet Partner Company – member of Element Arval Global Alliance, the leading fleet management alliance in the world
  • CEO of “Centro Stampa Holding”
  • International Director at “Zepter International” in Switzerland
  • Sales and Marketing Director and CEO of “Strauss Adriatic” – part of Strauss Group from Israel for Adriatic region
  • Sales director at “Pepsi Cola Bottling Company” in Serbia and Montenegro
  • Sales director for Yugoslavian market, at a UK company “Allied Domecq Spirit & Wines”
  • Sales Manager at Heineken distributor for FR Yugoslavia.



Certifications / Achievements / Publications

  • Manager of the year for Creativity and Professionalism- awarded by Serbian
    Business Journalist Association
  • Certified Leadership Coach at Dale Carnegie Training Serbia
  • 2 mandates as the President of Serbian Association of Managers (SAM)
  • President of the Board of SAMIT100 Leaders of SEE
  • Member of the Board, SAMIT100 Leaders of SEE
  • Ambassador of Knowledge – honored by Life Learning Academy (LLA)
  • Member of Presidential Board of Association of Managers of South East Europe (AMSEE)
  • Vice President of European Management Association (EMA)
  • “Manager of the year for Creativity and Professionalism” – awarded by Serbian Business Journalist Association.