Mirjana Garapić



Mirjana Garapić

Member of Executive Board Mirabank Serbia a.d

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Business Planning, Business Turnaround, Career Planning, Digital Transformation, Governance, Leadership, Management, Balance sheet management, Strategic planning, Product profitability, Busines Process Management,


In only 20 years of work experience, had three-in-a-lifetime opportunities to set up operations of 3 different banks from the scratch.

And remain in good health, with positive attitude, down-to-earth approach and motivated to spread her energy and experience to those in need.




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Mirjana is an executive manager and commercial banker with significant experience in setting up and optimizing finance and strategic planning processes such to effectively support executive team in making best business decisions. Her other core competence is risk management, where apart from managing financial risks she takes care that operational risks.

She is currently serving as Member of Executive Board in Mirabank a.d., a greenfield corporate banking investment in Serbia, set up to enhance investments and capital flows between UAE and Serbia.

With huge enthusiasm she was a member of the core team that led the development of the first mobile-only bank in the region, building the business case on the synergy of telco and banking industries – Mobi banka a.d. (former Telenor banka).

Her first banking and management experience she have gained in ProCredit Bank a.d.

Due to her passion for work, backed by strong analytical skills and down-to-earth approach she got the role in Management Board, in which she had performed for 6 years.

As highly analytical and pragmatic person, she enjoys in resolving complex and tangled issues. In addition, being highly adaptive Mirjana easily embraces the change and for that reason loves to work in fast-paced industry.

Her academic background is in quantitative economics.

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