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Rade Rakocevic

Founder and CEO at Senzal Capital / Serial Entrepreneur

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If Rade stopped working this very moment, he would be able to have fun and travel the world for the rest of his days. No wonder people call him the Serbian Richard Branson. 🏆



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Entrepreneur by heart, Rade is always on the lookout for new investment opportunities which he approaches with his detail-oriented and highly analytical mindset. He loves to set the highest possible targets since he challenges himself non-stop, always raising the bar higher.

Our entrepreneur rock star enjoys to be an underdog who challenges big players, but in the end conquers the markets with high-quality services and products. This is something Rade does for fun and is amazing at it, which more than a dozen of companies he founded, prove. 

Nowadays he is the owner and CEO of  Senzal Capital, a company that invests in the stock market, start-ups, private companies and real estate. This guru has been investing for 25 years and had a chance to shake hands with CEO of NYSE and be named as one f the top 10 20th century investment fund managers.

Even though our incredibly smart mentor, who is also a MENSA member, is very successful and wealthy today, it wasn’t always like that.

He was raised in small village in Bosnia & Herzegovina and started his first company with 2.500EUR and two employees in 2000. Thanks to Rade’s expertise it became the second largest brokerage house in Serbia with a total turnover of 1 bill EUR+, and branches in Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and North Macedonia. It was sold in 2007 for 20 Mill EUR, with 40 employees and branches in those four countries. 

  • Founder of “Vekol Tours” – the leading special event and destination management company in the region
  • Founder of  “Gym4Me” – company offers customized exercise experiences
  • Founder of “Web Media Agency”
  • Founder of “Tender5” – a leading company for hiring contract workers
  • Co-founder of “Belgrade Beer Fest” – the most popular festival in the Southeast Europe
  • Founder of  “Pomodoro” – a restaurant chain in Belgrade
  • Fouder of “Kiddo88” – owner of the exclusive rights of the Moritz Eis franchise for Serbia
  • Founder and Owner of “Orlovi” – American Football Team
  • Capital Market Department at Credibel Bank
  • Deputy CEO of M&V Investment (largest brokerage house in Serbia)

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