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Phil is a man who has delved deep into the world of passion and adventure. With 30 years of experience as a salsa instructor, Phil is not only a master dancer but also an adventurous explorer of adrenaline sports. As a professional surfing instructor, he has soared above the waves and discovered the vast expanses of the ocean. Phil has also enjoyed playing underwater hockey, facing the challenges of the depths as he glides through the water with a stick in hand. This combination of knowledge, skill, and an unstoppable desire for new experiences makes Phil unique.



What others say

I am writing to say thanks again for your thoroughly inspiring
presentation at the recent Referral Institute conference in
New Orleans. As a Certified Speaking Professional and the
President of the Global Speakers Federation I get to see
a lot of conference speakers around the world and I can
unashamedly tell you that your presentation presented real
value to all participants. Your ability to craft your message
within interesting stories and anecdotes is a real skill and a
joy to watch, not only that your message contained useful
information which I was able to go home and apply straight
away. Phil I am looking forward to the day when we can both
present on the same conference platform. Until then I wish
you ongoing success.

Lindsay Adams CSP
President, Global Speakers Federation
Nevin Award Winner & Past National President,
National Speakers Association of Australia

“The audiences were overwhelmed by the interactive session
where they were able to practically calculate the difference
between selling with and without the referrals. Phil’s style of
connecting with people was excellent and it indeed was a
delight to see him in action.”

Rekha Setpal
“It was a huge success with positive and encouraging feedback
Head of Community Service Dubai Internet City Dubai Internet City

Short Bio

Phil is one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of referral marketing. Based in Dubai, Phil has gained extensive experience working with thousands of business owners and sales teams worldwide. His passion lies in discovering the most effective strategies that help entrepreneurs and sales teams achieve incredible results.

With incredible expertise in his field, Phil co-authored the book “The World’s Most Famous Marketing Secret” for the Middle East edition in 2012. His knowledge and advice have become an integral part of marketing strategies worldwide.

Phil continued to inspire people by sharing his knowledge with a wide audience. In 2017, he published the book “Kiss Rebellion,” which achieved tremendous success and became an international bestseller. The book provided innovative perspectives and strategies that helped entrepreneurs stand out and achieve significant growth in their industries.

In 2020, Phil further expanded his impact in the field of marketing through a series of books. His books “I Told You I Would, But You Were on Mute,” “Branding? Oh, Please!” “The Seven Deadly Sins of Starting a Startup,” and “All I Need Is a Hug” offer practical and innovative advice for successful business operations in the modern digital age. His books have captured the hearts of readers worldwide and have become a source of inspiration and knowledge for many entrepreneurs.

Phil’s dedication helps entrepreneurs and sales teams overcome challenges and achieve their goals in today’s competitive business world. His expertise, experience, and enthusiasm make him one of the most sought-after speakers and consultants.

Certifications / Achievements / Publications

  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • ICF Level coach
  • Certified Behavioral Analyst MSC European Construction Engineering

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