Vladimir Vulic


Vladimir Vulic

Co-founder and President of Digitalizuj.Me and Spark.me conference Program Director

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Change Management, Digital Transformation, Innovations, Leadership, Management, Organizational Culture, User Experience,


Vladimir was a keynote speaker at 160+ conferences and corporate events in 22 countries across 4 continents, from Peru to Taiwan. He has talked both to large crowds (opening speaker for 1,000 attendees), and very small, private groups. He is a 3x TEDx speaker.

Vladimir has 12 years of experience teaching Strategic Management at the Faculty of Economics Podgorica, University of Montenegro, the leading economics and management education institution in Montenegro.




What others say

Vladimir’s talk at Silicon Beach was perfect. In amongst a busy conference programme, his talk was super engaging, appeared effortless (although I suspect A LOT of work went into it), and the audience clapped it up. In the days, weeks, and months since the event, I’ve been contacted multiple times by attendees who cite Vanja and his talk as the one they found most useful. Indeed, even I have found myself quoting his talk on more than one occasion — and considering how many talks I witness, that he was able to leave a lasting impression is testament to his skills as a presenter.

Matt Desmier,Founder and Executive Producer at Silicon Beach in Bournemouth, UK 

„It was a pleasure to host Vladimir as a speaker! His presentational and storytelling skills makes the speech engaging and valuable for the audience. Vladimir gives great examples based on his academic knowledge and business experience. He knows how to inspire and point out the importance of changing the mindset on the way to the great change at your company!“

Patrycja Zacharzewska, Head of Speakers Relations at infoShare Conference in Gdańsk, Poland

„It was a great decision to have Vladimir open the DIGGIT event in Ljubljana. As one of the keynote speakers, he made an invaluable insight into the future trends that DIGGIT is all about. His speech about the future of work that he seamlessly intertwined with very interesting, but not very well-known case studies, enthused the audience. He is a very thoughtful and engaging speaker who certainly gave all of us a lot of food for thought on how to prepare for the future, which is already here.“

Simona Kruhar Gaberšček, Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Magazin, organiser of DIGGIT in Ljubljana,Slovenia

Short Bio

Vladimir, better known as Vanja to his friends, is an independent digital transformation strategist working with organisations both large and small on navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age.

He has done work for clients such as United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Government of Montenegro, Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA), Social Innovation Laboratory Zagreb, Publik (for Alkaloid Skopje)…

He has an extensive experience in delivering training programs for clients including The Coca-Cola Company (Serbian Operations), Roche, AstraZeneca, Visa, Trebjesa Brewery Nikšić (a Molson Coors Company), Crnogorski Telekom (member of Deutsche Telekom Group), Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS), Erste Bank Serbia, S-Leasing Serbia, UniCredit Bank, Addiko Bank Serbia, NLB Bank Banja Luka, Delhaize Serbia, Bambi, British Embassy Belgrade (Serbia), UNIQA Insurance Montenegro, GRAWE Insurance, Triglav Insurance, Telemach Montenegro, Direct Media Montenegro…

Vanja is the co-founder and the President of Digitalizuj.Me, a non-governmental organization helping citizens and organisations in Montenegro to understand and realize exciting new opportunities for social change and business in the digital environment.

He is the Program Director of Spark.me, one of the most carefully curated tech/business conferences in Southeast Europe. The conference has been organised annually since 2013, in the European country of Montenegro, as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program of Domain.ME, a private company in charge of operating Montenegro’s national internet domain, .ME. Spark.me 2019 attracted 700+ attendees from 20+ countries. For his work, Vanja was recognised as “Project Manager of the Year” by the Association of Montenegrin Managers.

Certifications / Achievements / Publications

  • Recognised as the 2018 “Project Manager of the Year” by the Association of Montenegrin Managers, for his work as the Program Director of Spark.me conference.
  • While teaching at the University of Montenegro, he took part in several study visits at prestigious universities including Rady School of Management – University of California, San Diego (USA, 2013), University of Greenwich Business School, London (UK, 2007), Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Vienna (Austria, 2006) and NTNU: Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet, Trondheim (Norway, 2003).
  • Attended several workshops and seminars on innovation management at top business schools including MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA, 2010) and ESADE Business School, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona (Spain, 2010).
  • Attended a number of workshops and seminars by some of the world’s most influential management and marketing thinkers including Michael Porter, Tom Peters, Philip Kotler, Seth Godin, Martin Lindstrom, Dr Marshall Goldsmith, Herminia Ibarra, Jonas Ridderstråle, Kjell A. Nordström, Henry Chesbrough, Dr Ichak Adižes…
  • Attended several live keynotes by world’s leading management thinkers including Clayton Christensen, Gary Hamel, Roger L. Martin, Pankaj Ghemawat, Rita Gunther McGrath, Nilofer Merchant, Michael Jacobides…
  • Took part in the 2009 program “Current Social, Political and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders” which was held across four US federal states in, by invitation from the United States Department of State, as a part of the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).