Need a Corporate
Mentoring Program?

If you are looking for a new, innovative and dynamic approach in your internal development and learning processes for your employees you are at the right place. With our experience and knowledge, we will create a tailor-made mentorship program according to your needs

So, what do we mean by a “corporate mentoring program”?

If you wish to avoid hiring external mentors, trainers and coaches, and focus on the knowledge and experience you already possess in-house, then this program is your go-to solution. By implementing it seniors in your company can become mentors to the employees on other positions and share their knowledge, experience and much-needed advice in “1 on 1 sessions”.

We offer your company a chance to develop and grow your employees with professional help and coordination that includes:

  • Creating mentorship manual and application forms for mentors/mentees
  • Supporting HR in the process of matching mentoring pairs
  • Training for chosen internal mentors/mentees
  • Supporting HR in tracking the work of mentoring pairs, their effectiveness and improvement during the mentoring process
  • Assisting in or leading implementation of follow up activities during the project
  • Concept proposal and implementation of one-day conference at the end of the mentoring program dedicated to summarizing information, impressions and inspiration for future participants of mentoring process
  • Evaluation meeting with HR for summarizing the results

Why choose us?

We have been in this field for years. During that time, we, along with our clients have come to realize how beneficial an internal corporate mentoring program can be. Not only that it serves as a bridge that connects people professionally, but also personally.

By investing in a program of this kind, you will help your employees to be in touch more often, grow stronger bonds and improve the overall corporate culture and communication.

If you need more reasons to choose us, here they are:

·        Fast and effective learning method

·        The best ratio of investment and results

·        Sustainability of the knowledge gained during this program

·        Full support provided during the whole mentoring program

·        Ready-to-use strategies and tactics

Need even more proof? Let’s talk numbers:

  • 71% of the ’’Fortune 500 companies’’  have mentoring programs regularly. They say that investing in leadership capability pays off in performance, productivity and innovation (Centre for Workplace Leadership 2016).
  • 84% of CEO’s said mentors have helped them avoid costly mistakes, 84% became proficient in their roles faster and 69% were making better decisions. (Harvard Business Review 2015)
  • Employees are 40% more likely to achieve their goals if they write them down. This increases to 70% if the goals are shared with a mentor.
  • Mentees are promoted five more times than those who didn’t have a mentoring program.
  • 68% of Millennials who would like to work with a mentor are intending to stay with their organization for more than five years.
  • 89% of mentees, became the mentors themselves, contributing to the culture of shared knowledge.