Aleksandar Gligorijevic Telegroup CMO

Aleksandar Vratonjic Gligorijevic

Chief Marketing Officer, TeleGroup

Digital Transformation, Innovations, IT,
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One of the youngest and most successful Chief Marketing Officers in the region.

Played more than 150 escape rooms around the world.

For entertainment start-up „Outrun“ he organized interactive escape rooms for many different clients and their special events and turn his hobby into his work.

He played at the Exit Festival as a guitarist in a band.

Certifications / Achievements

Aleksandar Vratonjić Gligorijević is Chief Marketing Officer of TeleGroup systems where he transforms the business approach of systems integration in the era of the digital economy.

Aleksandar began his career as an intern at IBM while finishing his bachelor’s degree in IT management at the faculty for mathematics and computer science of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland. After returning to Serbia, he continued his journey in the local IT industry, which provided him with ample experience in the sales of IT services and solutions.
He actively participates in the development of the regional IT industry and the tech start-up ecosystem in the Balkans through organizations such as Digital Serbia Initiative, BitAlliance, and others.

Additionally, Aleksandar has start-up experience as a founder in two start-ups in the entertainment industry (video games and interactive games and experiences) before he committed himself to TeleGroup full-time.

Aleksandar owns a second-degree black belt in Aikido, plays piano and a guitar, and is a proud father of one. For him, music is a favorite passing time and he always turns to it when he feels creative and when he needs inspiration.

“Young Leader in Change” award for contribution to the development of young talent, given out by the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia as a part of its “AmChamps” program.