Milovan Zvijer

Partner at Four Legal/M&A and Family Business Advisor

Mergers And Acquisitions, Governance, Family Business, Sports Career Management,
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As Milovan’s promising basketball career was cut short, he dedicates himself to law studies and the legal profession.

In addition to his maximum commitment to academia, he never lost interest in sports. He collaborated part-time with sports agents, as a lawyer, he represented numerous athletes on various (not only sports) issues, enjoyed the successful careers of many of his friends who played all over the world (from Asia, through Europe, all the way to the NBA) and volunteered in few basketball clubs as their legal advisor.

He has been a member of the ABA League Appeals Committee for 3 consecutive seasons.

Certifications / Achievements

Milovan started his career in 2004 in a reputable law firm, and the first tasks he worked on marked his career path. At the beginning of his career, he had the opportunity to work on some of the largest merger and acquisition transactions in Serbia and the region so far, which today helps him understand the complexity and importance of this type of service, making him a top expert.

At the same time, he worked on daily business, commercial, and employment jobs for various international companies in Serbia. As a relatively young lawyer, he has had the opportunity to work on high-profile international arbitration cases and complex commercial and corporate litigation before the courts. With his many years of experience, Milovan has mastered outstanding communication skills, strong analytical skills, the ability to balance multiple tasks simultaneously, leadership skills, the ability to agree with the client’s situation, and a strong work ethic.

Eight years ago, he founded Four Legal with childhood friends and colleagues. That decision endangered their friendship because the general attitude is that we should not do business with friends and family. However, they are still together, stronger and united than ever and their team numbers about 20 great young people and professionals.

In the meantime, he decided to narrow down his merger and acquisition expertise and focus on family businesses because there are many local businesses that are disadvantaged by global companies and private equity funds when it comes to transaction issues. That decision helped him strike a balance in the client portfolio, and now it is made up of global clients and local businesses in relatively similar proportions.

He has completed official training for mediators and is also a member of the ABA League Appeals Board (Adriatic Basketball Association). Holds L.L.B. from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association.

Although he stopped playing professional basketball due to his law studies, he never lost interest in sports. He is extremely enthusiastic to share all the experiences with young athletes and their family members about the beauty of sports and big dreams, but at the same time about all the challenges and obstacles they could face in case of lack of family support and proper career planning.

Also, experience in working with numerous businesses owned by the family/founders has allowed him to have a clear insight into all the challenges they face in the most sensitive decisions – Mergers & Acquisitions (ie selling or buying a business) and inheritance planning

Our mentor is guided through life by the fact that the knowledge base must be constantly replenished and upgraded, changes in laws and regulations must be constantly monitored. For him, the principle of work of a great lawyer and legal expert is the one who does not give up, who uses his professional education for the purpose of representing the interests of various natural or legal persons.




BAR Exam

Official training for mediators

Publications related to successions planning and family constitutions