Andreja Stojic



Andreja Stojic

Associate Professor at the Institute of Physics Belgrade

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Air Pollution, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Music Production,


Besides Andreja’s incredible talent and deep passion for science there is another whole different dimension of his personality – and that is his profound love for music that he expresses by being a member of of of the most popular pop/rock bands in Serbia – Neverne Bebe.

He has been part of this group for more than a decade and is an experienced session musician, composer, sound engineer, arranger, and music producer – this is what we call a multi-talent.





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Short Bio

Andreja Stojic is best described as a physics wiz who received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics and co-authored more than 90 publications for renowned domestic and international science magazines and various conferences. He teaches data science, air pollution, and climate change at the Singidunum University in Serbia and works as an Associate Professor at the Institute of Physics Belgrade.

Machine learning is a great passion of his and he sees the whole world through the machine learning prism, always thinking of new ways to implement it into his everyday life. Thus, if you are interested in machine learning and/or physics, we have the right man for you!

However, that is not all. Besides Andreja’s love for the above-mentioned fields, his main scientific interests are related to artificial intelligence and environmental science with a special focus on explainable artificial intelligence and atmospheric chemistry and physics, while his main research topics are related to atmospheric pollutants, air pollution transport, air pollution health effects, machine learning, and explainable artificial intelligence methods application, utilization, and development.

As you can see, he is interested and invested in many scientific fields and activities, which along with his amazing social skills make him an amazing mentor.

Andreja participated in 17 national and international scientific projects in the fields of artificial intelligence and environmental science, including Horizon H2020 and the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia programs, and co-authored more than 90 publications.

Certifications / Achievements / Publications

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